jigga! (makin_waves) wrote in boss_icons,

Here's the first batch of icons. Yes, I know, they are LAME. But, I ejoyed making them. So, I hope you can find one you like!!

1) This is simple, but I like it. It can represent a lot ofdifferent feelings. Yeah.
2) I made this one to express my single-ness. And it's a lollipop. 'nuff said.
3) I don't really know about this one.... I like it though.
4) Yeah... love.
5) I made this as a joke, like not, "I wanna be a star," but, "I wanna be a star FISH!" But no one got it. SO. Here is is for you, lol.
6) This is from a Rooney song. for lonely-ish times.
7) This one is useless to me beccause, OH YEAH, I have no one to think of. SO, here it is for you people.
8) I think this is the first one I ever made. Maybe. Anyway, rollerskates rock the house.
9) Being a girly-girl is too much fun NoT to make an icon for it.
11) Don't we know how true it is.
12) I like this one. It's peaceful. Nice. Yay.
13) This one doesn't fit me at all, because I don't really like really big cities. But, I still like the colors. And the font is neat. Yesh.

I hope you appreciate that. sorry they're all kind of girly.... But, you know, I am a girl. ;)

Requests are Wanted!! What can I say? I'm bored!
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