jigga! (makin_waves) wrote in boss_icons,

Here's the first batch of icons. Yes, I know, they are LAME. But, I ejoyed making them. So, I hope you can find one you like!!

1) This is simple, but I like it. It can represent a lot ofdifferent feelings. Yeah.
2) I made this one to express my single-ness. And it's a lollipop. 'nuff said.
3) I don't really know about this one.... I like it though.
4) Yeah... love.
5) I made this as a joke, like not, "I wanna be a star," but, "I wanna be a star FISH!" But no one got it. SO. Here is is for you, lol.
6) This is from a Rooney song. for lonely-ish times.
7) This one is useless to me beccause, OH YEAH, I have no one to think of. SO, here it is for you people.
8) I think this is the first one I ever made. Maybe. Anyway, rollerskates rock the house.
9) Being a girly-girl is too much fun NoT to make an icon for it.
11) Don't we know how true it is.
12) I like this one. It's peaceful. Nice. Yay.
13) This one doesn't fit me at all, because I don't really like really big cities. But, I still like the colors. And the font is neat. Yesh.

I hope you appreciate that. sorry they're all kind of girly.... But, you know, I am a girl. ;)

Requests are Wanted!! What can I say? I'm bored!
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omg i love love love the last one! i think i shall be using that lol. nice job !
Thank you!! Yay. I'm glad someone used that one. I LOVE it, but, yeah. It doesn't really fit me. You're more than welcome to it!!

holler at that !!
i LOVE ur icons! they're awesome! GREAT JOB! :)
Just so you know, the icon your using is mine, lol. I don't really care that you are using it, because I probably won't be using it for much longer. But just so you know, all icons that I'm putting out for people to take will be in the entry. Yeah.

And thank you!! :D
Hey, I was wondering how to get an icon for my l.j. I really don't know how to and I really Like yours and want to set one as mine, please respond to my l.j ToXiC_lOoChIe thanks a bunch!!
Right click whatever icon you want, and click on "properties." A little window should pop up, and there will be a web-site address looking thing. Highlight it and copy it. Then, make sure you are signed in, and go to "manage" and then "user pictures." Click on user pictures. It will say something like "upload a new picture." under that, click in the little box next to where it says "from url." make sure the little bubble next to it is checked. Then just paste the url and click proceed!! If you have any problems, just ask me.
cool icons! i'm gonna take the city one and lollipop :)
awesome icons! i'm gonna use the one with the lollipop, cause frankly...it applies to me too. lol
Taking the lollipop one!! I so applies to me!! Do you want credit??
I love these!!! taking 1,2,6,9,11,13. will credit when there used =^_^=
hey, can anybody make an icon out of a picture of mee and my friends that has the picture and then flashes to a black screen with white cursive writting that says friends forever? .. i have the picture on my computer so just leave a comment on my LJ thanks soo much

can anybody make me a icon that says katie likes jonny?, leave on msg on my lj please:)
That's a pretty cool icon ya got there!
thanks....i took 1,2, 5 and 10